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Playing with Words

Languedoc is the region in southern France that extends from near Narbonne and the Spanish border in the south, along the Mediterranean shore north to the western bank of the Rhone River. Exactly how you define the place depends to whom you’re speaking or why you’re describing the ancient area. Named for the old language […]

Across the US

Just back from a midwestern sales trip, where I was happy to work with our IN distributor Derek Gray of GrayBull Organic Wines. He’s done a great job opening up a small specialized wine distribution company serving the Indianapolis area. We visited a number of stores and restaurants together. I arrived during a wine tasting […]

Celebrate or Commiserate!

Finally the elections are over and it’s time to….. that’s right, time to look forward to holidays, friends, and fine meals with accompanying wines! And perhaps it’s time to toast an election win or raise a glass to a good candidate gone down this year. Either way, the cold weather here in Maine is leading […]

Harvest on the Harbor

I had a great weekend at several wine tastings in Portland Maine area. Friday evening was at Freeport Wine & Cheese, with ten of our organic wines for tasting and buying. We had a bit of everything with spanish, french, italian, north and south american. All were popular and especially Mas Laval Les Pampres from […]

Bill Powers Named Legend of Washington Wine

Bill Powers was named a “Legends of Washington Wine” in 2010 and inducted into the Legends of Washington Wine Hall of Fame. He supplies our Badger Mountain Vineyard wines. Bill Powers planted his Badger Mountain Vineyard in 1982 after consulting with Dr. Walter Clore and, in the late 80s, began exploring the possibilities for low-impact […]

St. Vincent’s Day Celebration

St. Vincent is the patron saint of vineyards – his saint’s day is celebrated in many towns of the French Burgundy region. I was invited to visit the family of our supplier Guy Chaumont in January 2004, to join in the St. Vincent’s day celebration with the Society of Vignerons of St. Desert, founded in […]