Celebrate or Commiserate!

Finally the elections are over and it’s time to….. that’s right, time to look forward to holidays, friends, and fine meals with accompanying wines! And perhaps it’s time to toast an election win or raise a glass to a good candidate gone down this year. Either way, the cold weather here in Maine is leading me to more red and sparkling wine.

We have some great winter red wines, from Argentine Malbec and Italian Reserve Barbera to Chateauneuf du Pape, Reserva Rioja and Givry Pinot Noir. For sparkling we have French Champagne, Vouvray, Cremant de Bourgogne and Guy Bossard Brut, Italian Moscato d’Asti, and Prosecco. All from organic vineyards.

The grape harvest is over in most of the world and initial reports are pretty positive. Low production in some areas, but overall good quality. We did not import any organic Beaujolais Nouveau this year due to difficult exchange rates and high transport cost. With the latest air transport bomb scares, I’m relieved to not be awaiting a Nouveau arrival next week. But it should be a good tasting vintage and I look forward to trying one soon.