Ardinat Faust

The Faust twenty acres of vineyards. certified organic since 1971, are located in Vandières,  on the Marne River in the Champagne district of France. The soil is mostly clay  with varying levels of chalk, rich in magnesium and with a southerly orientation. The vineyard has been planted with 3 different grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. At the moment, the average age of the vines is 22 years.

Winemaking has been in the Ardinat family since 1750. formally under the generations of Dumont, Simon and Faust.   In those days there were no clear routes to success and Serge had to improvise and experiment, following  the organic methods developed by Lemaire-Boucher.   Since 1984 the vineyards have been cultivated by Serge’s daughter Joëlle, her husband, José Ardinat, and their son Christophe – Christophe joined the business after qualifying as a winemaker in 1997 and hopes to continue the family line of organic wine production.

When José took over from Serge in 1984, he introduced the organic farming methods from Nature and Progres. Since 1989 the vineyard has been certified by Ecocert.

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Emeraude, celebrating 30 yrs of Chartrand
Emeraude, celebrating 30 yrs of Chartrand
Riddling Rack
Serge Faust and Jose Ardinat
Serge Faust