Château Meric

patrick patrickin-vines meric-vinesFrançois and Sylvie Barron, and their children, Benjamin and Aurélie, are the seventh generation owners of this estate in La Brède. When François was just twelve years old he began learning about viticulture from his grand-father and now works in tandem with Benjamin.  Sylvie and Aurélie run the commercial and marketing side of the business. The estate actually comprises both the Château Chante l’Oiseau and Château Meric in the Graves district of Bordeaux. Château Meric has been cultivated organically since 1964 and is composed of 19 hectares (roughly 47 acres) on which they grow a wide range of grapes;  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec for reds and Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle for the whites. Their wines truly reflect their “terroir”, achieving a unique minerality from the Graves dark, pebbly limestone, and sandy soils. The vineyards thrive in the climate, moderated by the Garonne river to the east, by the nearby ocean, and are protected from outside sources of pollution by neighboring forests.

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Francois and Sylvie Barron


Sam Brown and Francois 2012

The Terroir!

Francois and son, Benjamin

Prepping New Root Stock

Ready to plant




Francois & Sylvie

Francois & Sylvie





Aurelie and Benjamin

Aurelie and Benjamin