Domaine Philippe Goulley

Domaine Jean Goulley is a relatively new company that was formed in 1986 founded by Jean Goulley and now run by his son Philippe. 4.5 hectares of the estate are in the Premier Cru districts of the area and today constitute the heart and soul of the Domaine which has grown to 18 hectares, producing 11,000 cases a year.  The conversion to organic began in 1991 with the planting of new vines in the Petit Chablis and then Chablis Chablis Premier Cru Montmains and Premier Cru F0urchaume in 1993. The soil is white and chalky (limestone), and the region is known for  cold winters, warm summers, and chilly springs. However, the limestone soil actually helps to reflect the warmth and sunlight, allowing the grapes to ripen faster. The cooler climate gives the wines their crispness.

Traditionally in Burgundy, Chablis wines are only made from grapes of Chardonnay. The terroir takes a decisive place in the wine type. That’s why we have chosen an organic culture which permits alive and expressive grounds since many years. The Domaine has got some “Petit Chablis”, “Chablis” and “Chablis Premier Cru” on the really renowned climate of Fourchaume, Montmains and Mont de Milieu. If our wines have acquired a pretty nice notoriety, it is essentially because of their minerality, their purity and their vivacity which we find back on the real Chablis from the past.

Most of the vines are about 50 years old and the Petit Chablis now more than 20 years old.

In the vatroom, the pneumatic wine press slightly take the juices and the growing in the vats (15 to 18 months for a Premier Cru and 12 months for a Chablis)

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