Fasoli Gino

This family farm was founded in 1925 by Amadio Fasoli, who planted vines and began making and selling wine in taverns in cities surrounding the farm. His sons, Gino and Gigi expanded the business and now the third generation under the leadership of Matteo Fasoli,  is running the winery. The vineyards have been certified organic since 1984.

The Fasoli vineyards are situated in the lower Illasi valley in northeastern Italy, an area where the terrain and its particular microclimate assist in good viticulture. The soil is a mix of clay, stones, and sand and the wide, sunny valley is protected by the Lissini Hills. They have 18 heactares, about 47 acres,  under production in seven different vineyards. In areas where the soil is mostly clay, there are 30-40 year old Garganega vines used in the production of Soave and in the stony, sandy soils they grow Merlot, Chardonnay , and Pinot Noir.

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