Jacques Frelin Vignobles

Jacques Frelin has been a pioneer and specialist in wines made from organically grown grapes for more than 35 years and is one of France’s largest organic wine domaines.  He currently serves as a consultant for the application of the European regulations for organic wine.
His winery produces and sells more than 3 million bottles annually, of which 90% are exports. He has vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhône Valley, Gascogne, and Bordelais and four vinifcation sites. His winery has storage capacity for 500,000 bottles and more than 300,000 gallons in vats.  All Frelin wines have Ecocert certification.

Les Terroirs Vivants headquarters are based at the Domaine de Caylus; an exceptional site near Beziers in the heart of the Languedoc. The company’s range of wines has been
organized to focus on clear messages, with living wines spread over three ranges:
Naturally Sympathetic, Naturally Typical, and Naturally Exuberant.

For Frelin’s Naturally Sympathetic line, the vineyard parcels selected by Terroirs Vivants are judged by the potential of the fruit’s expressiveness.  They are worked, from planting to vinification, with the aim of giving you living “vivant” wines that are naturally “sympathique,” or friendly.  In other words, adapted to your desire for healthy, pleasurable wines at accessible prices. In the Naturally Typical line are wines that really express and reflect the very best qualities of their appellation, terroir, fruit, and origins.  They are authentic wines! The Naturally Exuberant line are the premiere wines produced by Frelin. The vineyard parcels and cuvées are selected for the power of their expression of terroir and are exceptionally rich, intense wines.

His wines include Estate and Chateaux’ Wines, Varietal Wines, AOC, and Table Wines.


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Jacques Frelin in vineyard
The wines!
Mike, Leigh, Jacques Frelin, Paul Chartrand, Steve Frenkel

Jacques and Ron, South of France June 2011
Sam Brown & Jacques Frelin January 2012
Frelin facilities with Jacques & Sam

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