Mario Torelli

Father and son Mario and Gianfranco Torelli are following a tradition of wine making that is 4 generations old.  Casina Milana sits in the hilltop village of at Bubbio in the heart of the Asti Langa.  Their steep slopes on 15 acres provide a very precious soil and environment well-suited to growing varieties such as Moscato and Dolcetto, which are traditional to the region.
The Torellis understand their land and take advantage of its valuable qualities while preserving a natural equilibrium which has stayed intact over the years. Their entire vineyard, converted to organic production in 1987 is certified organic by ICEA, now also accredited to certify farmers under the US National Organic Program, as is the Torelli vineyard.
The family has re-introduced other elements of local tradition: dry stone walls, a precise rain-water drainage system, their distinctive rural building style and the warmth of a family owned winery.

Gianfranco Torelli


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