Powers Winery

Father and son, Bill and Greg Powers established Badger Mountain Vineyard in 1982. In 1983 they were joined by a partner, Tim DeCook, and started producing premier wines at their 80-acre estate winery.  The estate is situated on a south-facing slope of Badger Mountain in the Columbia Valley, Washington State’s finest viticultural area. The climate is well suited for world-class vinifera grapes, with weeks of 85-95 degree Fahrenheit daytime temperatures during the summer, and winters cold enough to eliminate
vineyard pests. The average annual rainfall of less than eight inches, combined with deep, well-drained volcanic soil, allows for precisely controlled application of water through irrigation.

Powers Wines
During 1992, production of the Powers label wines began.  Bottling under the Powers Winery label allows the winery to produce high quality wines made from vineyard sources other than their organic vineyards. They sought out the best growers to take the fullest advantage of the various microclimates found throughout the Columbia Valley. Each year, Bill works closely with these grape growers to ensure they receive the highest quality fruit with the best potential to make wine worthy of the consistent excellence we have come to expect from Powers Winery.  Powers wines have been recognized by such notables as the Wine Spectator, which has referred to the winery as a “rising star”, and recently Wine Enthusiast named Powers Winery as one of the “50 Great U.S. Cabernet Producers.”

In August 2010, Bill Powers was inducted into the Legends of Washington Wine for his significant and lasting contributions to the community and wine industry.