Mario Torelli Dolcetto d’Asti

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ppellation: Dolcetto d’Asti

Dolcetto in Italian means “sweet little one” but there’s nothing sweet about this wine except the ripeness of its grapes and softness of its tanins.  Dolcetto grapes from seven areas of Northern Italy have received their Denominazione di Origine Controllata recognition; among them is the Dolcetto d’Asti. Dolcetto d’Asti is made in the Monferrato, the area in Piedmont where winemaking is most extensively pursued. This is a light and intriguingly balanced wine, between dusty softness and a hard note of bitterness. A popular cafe wine in northern Italy, Dolcetto makes a young wine which is easy to drink and can be served with many varied dishes of moderate structure. Its spicy, fruity qualities would especially highlight antipasto and lighter Italian dishes, grilled meats and many vegetarian dishes.

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