Mario Torelli “San Grod” Moscato d’Asti

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Appellation: Moscato d’Asti

The Moscato or Muscat variety has been cultivated in the Asti area of northern Italy since ancient times. Giovan Battista Croce, regarded as the “father” of Moscato d’Asti, was the owner of a vineyard in the Turin hills. In his cellar, he perfected the techniques of making sweet, aromatic wines with low alcohol levels, which became the classic Moscato style.

In producing Moscato, grapes are separated from the stems before pressing and the juice obtained is vinified without the skins. A first filtration is carried out and repeated regularly so that the wine remains sweet. Fermentation is stopped by chilling the must before all the sugars are consumed. This natural Moscato can be enjoyed as it is or turned into a higher alcohol sparkling wine, such as Asti Spumante.  Torelli Moscato is completely natural with about 5% alcohol and a very slight spritz from natural fermentation on the lees.  It is pure pleasure, with the special sweetness of Moscato and exotic almond, peach and fruity aromas. It finishes very cleanly with a sweet, lingering taste. It makes a superb aperitif or light dessert wine, you also may enjoy it with ripe blue cheese, seafood dishes, or spicy oriental foods with similar exotic aromas. Be adventurous with this one!

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