Navarrsotillo “Noemus” Rioja Rosado

Region: ,

Appellation: Rioja

100% Garnacha

This beautiful, strawberry-pink rosé is made from Garnacha grapes, one of the world’s most widely planted red varieties, of which most is grown in Spain. It is usually blended with other varietals (Tempranillo, Mazuelo) as it is a strong, heady flavor standing on its own.  At Navarrsotillo, there is a small vineyard of all Garnacha vines more than 100 years old. These old, low-yielding vines produce the best Garnacha grapes.

The Noemus Rosado is macerated for 24 hours, then cooled. After débourbage, the wine making phase when suspended solids fall from the must to the bottom of the storage vessel, the wine is fermented for two weeks, then goes through a seond débourbage and is bottled. This is a great wine as an aperitif or to serve with salads, pasta, and white meats.

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Noemus rosado 2007