Perlage Winery “PerlApp” Spumante Extra Dry


Grapes: Glera & Incrocio Manzoni

DOC: Veneto

PerlApp is an innovative wine, created especially for young people because it not only has a low alcoholic content (10,5% vol.)  but it also allows a direct connection with the “Perlage world” through an App downloadable by the Qr-Code on the label that contains detailed information about curiosities, events, restaurants and places to visit in the local area.

In addition, this bottle is extremely lightweight – about 1.2 lbs compared to average of 1.65. It is also possible to separate the sleeve which is a removable label that can be peeled off for recycling

PerlApp is a pale straw yellow with bright flavors of green apple and field flowers. Slightly sweet and smooth. Great for any occasion. Made with certified organic grapes.




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