Perlage Winery Sangiovese Marche IGT

IGT: Sangiovese Marche

100% Sangiovese

Sangiovese means “Blood of Jove.” In central Italy this varietal is used in many wines, most notably Chianti, but there are many producers out there and each one is making a different style and quality of wine from Sangiovese. Most wines made from Sangiovese are meant to be consumed young, as is this one from Perlage.

Only organic composts are used to nourish the vines with important nutrients, without introducing synthesized chemicals into the environment.  All treatments in the vineyard are from natural plant or mineral sources.

This red is made from organically grown 100% Sangiovese, the indigenous black grape varietal grown in the plains and hills of the Marche, that reaches its optimum in the area’s dry maritime climate and limestone-rich soils.  The wine is fermented with the skins, followed by malolactic fermentation, and aging in tanks.  This wine is deliciously juicy, easy-drinking, medium-bodied with warm autumn fruit flavor, and soft, summery aromas of cherries. It is perfect with meat sauces, mushroom, aged cheeses, pizza, BBQ, and hamburgers!


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