Chartrand Imports brings you the world’s finest wines from organic vineyards. Paul Chartrand has been importing organic wine since 1985 and continues to travel the world, seeking out the best bottles to share with you.

Why organic? For us, the simple answer is: quality and impact. Soil and plants unsullied by chemical pesticides and fertilizers yield some of the richest flavors in grapes and the resulting wine. Find out more here.

Many who enjoy wine are concerned about sulfite levels. Our wines are generally low in sulfites and some have no added sulfites. Find out more here.

We import wines from France and Italy!

We also distribute great wines from organic vineyards in California and Washington! 

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We have worked with and sold hundreds, maybe thousands, of organic wines in our 38 years in business, hunting down and meeting the best producers throughout Europe. We still work with many, including the very first ones from our original import container in 1985. After the last few challenging years of Trump Tariffs, pandemic difficulties and shipping woes, we now limit our US inventory to our best sellers and your favorite wines. Several of these producers are shown above.

Rather than listing, mapping, or scrolling through our ever changing choice of wines available, give us a call if you want more details. For links to these wineries, please go to our Winery Partners page.