Domaine Eugène Meyer Gewurztraminer

Gewurztraminer wines from Alsace are known for being fat and spicy with a heady aroma often described as scented, seductive and voluptuous. The grape is grown all over the world but it is in Alsace, in a small strip of hillside in northeast France bordered by Germany and the Rhine river, where grapes with the best features of Gewurztraminer are produced.  This grape has been grown here since the Middle Ages. The climate provides a long ripening season and lots of warm, sunny weather to produce loads of sugar in the grapes, yet stays cool enough so the grapes don’t lose acidity  The area also benefits from the protection of the Vosges Mountains which protect the vineyards from rain-bearing winds from the west.

Appelation: AOC Alscace

Eugène Meyer Gewurztraminer is robust, elegant, and full-bodied with the varietal characteristic of rose petals and lychees filling the nose and sweet fruit and spiciness filling the palate. The wine is perfect as an aperitif, great with desert yet sumptuous with exotic dishes and strong cheeses.  Presented in the elegant Alsatian flute bottle.

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